BOLT’s Rheumatology Fantasy Formulary – Unmet Needs

Posted by Jeff Berk; BOLT International

A few clients took advantage of my offer to pre-buy BOLT’s upcoming Lung Cancer Landscape.  Early sales are always nice, and with the proceeds…  well let’s just say that I’m GIDDY over the new fall “Greetings from Libya” collection by Arsenal.  Here we have the Russian made SGL21-66.  The manual is written in Cyrillic.  My Russian is a bit rusty, but it kind of reminds me of a Nikon camera manual – written in some unintelligible dialect, but at the end of the day simply says something to the effect of “just point and click”.  Now, I haven’t shot her yet, but I’ve slept with her a couple of times.


So before we get on to rheumatology, I want to give a shout out to Cyrus Arman, a guy from Deallus who pointed out that I was accidentally giving away our last multiple myeloma report.  Deallus is a competitor of BOLT’s, so this was a pretty classy thing for him to do.  Thanks.


BOLT has a whole bunch of new syndicated reports on the way.  The next one is covering rheumatology.  One of my favorite exercises is to run what we call our “Fantasy Formulary”.   We’ve just completed the 2011 survey of BOLT’s Rheumatology Thought Leader Panel – Fantasy Formulary Edition, and will make it available to our clients in about two weeks.  In the mean time, I want to simply include some of the product rankings from the last time we ran this exercise (2009) with the Rheums.

















What should you take from this data?  First, like this is going to be a surprise to anybody, the #1 new product on the rheumatology horizon in 2011, tofacitinib, was way up the radar to the Thought Leaders was back then.  Second, what DON’T you see on the list?  Benlysta (belimumab).  Sure, it’s approved.  But everybody knows that it’s garbage, and it’s going to get its lupus clock cleaned pretty soon.


To all the pharma guys out there, if you don’t see your drug on BOLT’s 2009 Fantasy Formulary, maybe if your R&D team didn’t get together in one of those “Huddle Rooms” and conspire to be “As good as Benlysta” you’ll garner more street cred in the 2001 edition.  See you soon!

Oh…  ONE LAST THING…  I recently heard from a client that BOLT reports sound a lot like MedPredict ™ reports.  Duh.  Who do you think actually writes THOSE?  (note:  MedPredict ™ is a registered trademark belonging to MedPredict Market Research)


– jb

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