“We have found that this product is an excellent complement to our internal tracking systems. It has allowed us to regularly touch base with key global opinion leaders and investigators most current with what’s happening in our target therapeutic categories. What sets this product apart is the ongoing connection between the interviewer at a peer-to-peer level with the thought leaders, resulting in an ongoing conversation which flows deeply to all the key issues in the category …which has resulted many times in early warning about upcoming events critical to our focus areas.”

– U.S.-based CI Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company


“The NSCLC report was awesome and extremely insightful! It is rare, even when we commission a study ourselves, that you can garner so much detailed intelligence on competition in the pipeline (especially phase 2 drugs)—which I was very impressed with.”

– U.S.-based CI Manager, Biotech Company


“The Crohn’s disease research has generated some interest here. We like the style of writing! Very easy to read.”

– Europe-based Director Business Intelligence, Global Pharmaceutical Company