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Thought Leader Insight & Analysis — Osteoporosis Q3 2010

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Focus Area: Osteoporosis
Specialty/Panel: Rheumatologists, Endocrinologists / N. America, Europe, New Zealand
Date: 10/13/2010
Author(s): Tricia L. Hanlon, Kim Grant, Jeffrey D. Berk, PhD, MBA
Product Code: MBOQ310-49
Pricing: 1000
Abstract: "Osteoporosis Thought Leader Panel #49 captures discussions with three U.S., two European and one New Zealand osteoporosis thought leaders. The Panel discussions took place just prior to ASBMR Toronto. \n\nIn Marketing 101 we are taught that “attributes tell and benefits sell”. Through this prism our panel looks at some old and new mechanisms of action, bone mineral density, fracture reduction and rare but serious side effects.\n\nClasses of drug / mechanisms of action covered in this report:\n\n• RANKL\n• Bisphosphonate\n• Cathepsin K\n• PTH\n• GLP1 (related to diabetes)\n• SOST / Sclerostin / DKK1\n• Strontium\n• Calcitonin\n• SERM\n• Calcilytic.\n\nOther points of focus for this Panel include:\n\n• Calcium and cardiovascular disease\n• Cortical bone\n• Anabolic trials (fracture healing, PMO).\n"
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