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BOLT’s THOUGHT LEADER Panels bring together the knowledge and expertise of the world’s best clinicians and researchers. Each Panelist is internationally recognized for their contributions to understanding and curing diseases.

BOLT International has relationships with nearly 1,200 of the world’s most renowned thought leaders, with specialization in a wide range of diseases. Over the past 15 years BOLT has engaged with our Thought Leaders to produce over 500 Panels:


BOLT’s Thought Leaders serve on our Panels because we share a common goal: Drive medical innovation toward therapies that provide patients and society with meaningful novel benefits. Our Panels serve stakeholders in three ways:

1) BOLT’s THOUGHT LEADER panels are where our experts share their views on key developments for a broad audience. Clients have input into the questions but recognize that they are not the only ones to hear the answers. Though Leaders who participate on our syndicated panels remain anonymous. As with all advisory boards, our Thought Leaders are required to honor all existing confidentiality agreements, and to share their opinions based on information that they believe is in the public domain. The result are extremely insightful discussions, delivered quickly and at a reasonable price.

2) BOLT uses the same Thought Leaders for proprietary panels. Priced to reflect the “one-off” nature of these studies, clients get to engage our Thought Leaders under confidential disclosure agreements, and get feedback on their intellectual property.

3) BOLT moderates on-site advisory boards for our clients. We bring to the table both expert understanding of the issues and the skill to guide lively and challenging Thought Leader discussions.


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