What We Do


Capability Overview

BOLT International specializes in pharmaceutical and healthcare market research, competitive intelligence, due diligence, horizon scanning, marketing, clinical trial reporting, technology/product assessment and finance.

Pre-Clinical – BOLT’s rich scientific and commercial knowledge base lets us predict whether technologies will translate into products whose benefits best fulfill unmet market needs:

  • Technology Assessment – BOLT has produced over 1,000 technical and commercial assessments on emerging technologies, drugs, diagnostics, devices and procedures.
  • Intellectual Property – BOLT has helped patent groups understand the biology and chemistry described in complicated composition of matter and use patents.
  • Strategy Development – BOLT has developed financial, marketing and technical competitive positioning strategies for companies looking to enter new therapeutic areas.

Clinical – BOLT’s THOUGHT LEADER panels give us the ability to predict claims and labeling based on clinical outcomes; making us a leader in forecasting the value of competitors’ products:

  • Competitive Analysis – BOLT determines the claims and labeling competitors will get based on their clinical progress – enabling clients to adjust their clinical strategy to produce medically supported claims for their marketing efforts.
  • Market Analysis – BOLT identifies attractive market segments based on their size, financial value, and satisfaction with current therapies to focus clients on better market opportunities.
  • Market Research – BOLT conducts primary market research through our proprietary MedPredict thought-leader panels in order to identify important unmet medical needs.

Marketing – We uses BOLT’s THOUGHT LEADER panels, secondary information gathering skills and analysis techniques permit us to continuously track competitive developments that impact late-stage and marketed products.

  • Commercialization Benchmarking – BOLT provides insightful analyses of your competitor’s capacity and capability to deliver commercially attractive benefits.
  • Pre-Market Conditioning – BOLT furnishes accurate reports on competitors’ thought-leader development and other preconditioning processes and activities.
  • Brand Development – BOLT identifies your competitor’s brand development efforts.

Pre-Clinical Intelligence

BOLT’s rich scientific and commercial knowledge base permits us to determine how technologies will translate into products whose benefits best fulfill unmet market needs:

  • Technology Assessment – Expertise in molecular and cellular biology and discovery chemistry supports BOLT’s knowledgeable and in-depth preclinical technical assessments. We speak the scientific language and recognize subtle technical advantages. BOLT continuously tracks the spectrum of emerging technologies and quickly benchmarks the competitive universe.
  • Intellectual Property – BOLT’s expertise in chemical nomenclature and physical and life sciences permits us to readily assess the strengths and limitations of technologies and patent claims. BOLT works closely with patent and licensing groups to structure deals that protect our clients’ interests while maximizing the value of the business opportunity under consideration.
  • Strategy Development – BOLT has written enabling strategies in a variety of therapeutic categories. BOLT’s proprietary financial and volume forecast models permits us to turn company analysis, audit data and primary market research, competitive benchmarks and technical assessments into actionable R&D and commercial strategies.

Clinical Intelligence

Competitive Analysis – We continuously track worldwide clinical progress in a wide range of therapeutic areas through BOLT’s THOUGHT LEADER panels. Based upon this information set we forecast the claims & labeling new products will receive, and forecast how their clinical performance will translate into marketing positions.

Market Research – BOLT’s primary research studies identify physicians’ habits & practices, unmet market needs, and the key benefits that drive therapy decisions. Our secondary research reveals meaningful market trends within audited healthcare industry data. BOLT then forecasts sales volume using its proprietary market modeling algorithms.

Financial Analysis – Competitive analysis and market research data are meshed with client feedback and our experience to generate the assumptions used to produce risk-adjusted financial forecasts using our proprietary financial modeling methods.

Market Intelligence

Commercialization Benchmarking – BOLT benchmarks numerous aspects of the healthcare industry’s commercial capabilities and capacities, including: strategic commitment, marketing and sales-force structures, geographic reach, physician detailing patterns, manufacturing costs and control of the distribution channel.

Pre-Launch Positioning – BOLT determines the level of competitive thought-leader cultivation, grants, pre-market education and franchise building. We identify strengths and weaknesses in competitor’s pharmacoeconomic, regulatory, pricing and reimbursement strategies.

Market Performance – BOLT analyzes how competitors adjust to changing market conditions. We track sales and scrips by indication, prescriber, and distribution chain. BOLT also monitors promotional efforts, discounting, and pricing adjustments. Moreover, we identify the pharmaceutical market’s “course & speed” – i.e. what payers, prescribers, regulators and patients are saying about its products.